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An authentic gaucho and local experience. Located in the middle of the Andes, you will find this magical corner of the world. Here they don’t just offer Horseback Riding Mendoza tours: it’s about living our local culture. Don Daniel’s mountain hut will open its doors to you and share the authenticity of its way of life. 

What does the experience consist of?

Argentine traditions, dream landscapes and delicious regional food. You will get to know the heart of our Andes, in the company of a real gaucho family who will share the best of their world. Of course, there will be homemade food such as tortas fritas (fried pastries), bread and asado (barbecue), accompanied by the best wine of Mendoza.

This is a unique experience, in a place off the beaten track.

Don Daniel’s mountain hut, in Puesto Las Lajas, is the home of Daniel and his family. A quiet and cozy place, surrounded by the mountains.

The special thing about this place:

  • Delicious traditional food, prepared with the love and flavor of the countryside, are a must. Tortas fritas, bread, charcuterie plates and asado are some of the special options that can be tasted.
  • The hosts. For Daniel and his family, the mountain runs through their veins. The traditions passed down from generation to generation, and the knowledge of gaucho life are part of what they generously share with every visitor. There is no doubt that they will welcome you with great warmth.
  • Views of the most beautiful places in the area. In Cordón del Plata, surrounded by immense mountains and far away from the commercial tourist trails, we will find unforgettable landscapes.
  • The hiking and horseback riding tours that we can enjoy at Rancho Don Daniel. Whether we choose to go on foot, on horseback or even camping, Daniel will guide us through trails that only an inhabitant of the area could know.  Great moments of peace and good stories will accompany the whole tour.

About the area

Valle del Sol is one of the most traditional villages of Potrerillos, the famous mountain town. Located less than 100 km from the capital of Mendoza, it is home to the large dam responsible for providing water to the Greater Mendoza and surrounding towns. And for its beauty, it is an iconic point of the area.

2400 meters from there, in the small town called Las Vegas -which extends along the Rio Blanco ravine- we arrive at Puesto Las Lajas, in the foothills of the Cordon del Plata

And there, finally, we find our host Daniel’s mountain hut.

This unique place is part of the Cordón del Plata, a mountain range belonging to the Front Range, located in the departments of Tupungato and Luján de Cuyo. 

In these mountains, surrounded by sixthousanders and fourthousanders (mountains summits between 4,000 and 6,000 m.a.s.l.), important watercourses for the area originate:  Las Mulas, Vallecitos, Río Blanco and El Salto streams.

What guests say:

Everything was excellent. When we arrived, Daniel welcomed us with a delicious barbecue, served with a side dish, homemade bread and good wine. We had a great meal and were very happy with his hospitality. The horseback ride was extremely pleasant and quiet with a spectacular view under the light of the full moon and the starry sky. When we reached the highest point, we stopped to rest and Daniel offered us hot coffee and a very tasty homemade alfajor. A highly recommendable experience from start to finish.

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