Aconcagua Tour 

  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour Trekking Aconcagua Laguna de Horcones aconcagua hiking tour
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour Confluencia on the way back Trekking Aconcagua Laguna Horcones General Hike. Grupo de Senderismo en Mendoza
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour Trekking Aconcagua Laguna de HorconesConfluencia aconcagua hiking tour
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour Aconcagua Laguna Horcones Trekking aconcagua hiking tour
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour
  • Trekking Aconcagua Laguna Horcones
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour
  • Aconcagua Hiking Tour

We invite you to live a full high mountain adventure in Mendoza! In this tour, you will have the opportunity of hiking inside the great Aconcagua Provincial Park to visit the Horcones Lagoon.

And in the same day, you will visit different historical sites of the Andes mountain range route: Cacheuta, Potrerillos Dam, Uspallata and Puente del Inca (Inca Bridge).

What does the experience Aconcagua Hiking Tour consist of ?

You will experience a day in the world of mountaineering. During the tour, you will hike around the Horcones Lagoon, with a view of the south wall of Mount Aconcagua, accompanied by professional guides who will share their experiences and advice about this exciting activity. The hike is about 1-2 hours long, and is not very difficult.

In addition, we will cover almost 400 km. of route with places that represent a piece of our history and postcard-like landscapes.

We will have time to rest, take pictures, and enjoy breakfast with homemade alfajor (Argentine pastries) and barbecue for lunch.

A super objective comment? The alfajor is the tastiest of all…

Who is this activity recommended for?

We recommend it to those who are looking for the experience of hiking in Aconcagua, combined with a tour of the main tourist attractions along the route, all in one day!

It is ideal for people of different ages and fitness levels because this is a low-intensity activity.

If you are looking for a high mountain adventure, this is the tour for you.

Places we will visit:

  • Horcones Lagoon, in Aconcagua Provincial Park: through one of the most popular ravines in Mendoza, the Horcones ravine, we enter the Aconcagua Provincial Park. There, at 2950 meters above sea level, we find the Horcones Lagoon, a large water mirror formed by the melting of the glaciers. In the background, we can see the view of a vertical wall of more than 3,000 meters: the Mount Aconcagua (one of the highest outside the Himalayas). This is undoubtedly our favorite place of the tour.
  • Cacheuta: it is located on the border between the departments of Luján de Cuyo and Las Heras (west of the province), a place that captivates with its hot springs, the Old Station, and a picturesque hanging bridge over the river. Another must-see in the area!
  • Potrerillos dam: Located at 60 km. from the city of Mendoza, this great dam regulates the flows of the Mendoza River. And with its almost 1500 mts. of surface, it stands out among the mountains with a magical landscape. For us, getting to know Mendoza includes visiting this place.
  • Uspallata: the city that was the protagonist of our history. Before the crossing of the Andes, two armies met there to cross the mountain range towards Chile, and free it from royalism. They did it through the Uspallata Pass, 204 years ago!
  • Inca Bridge: This Natural Bridge of biomineral origin is so unique that it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It is formed by different layers of sediments and salts, and is located in the Andes mountain range, at an altitude of 2730 meters above sea level. It is the highlight of the tour.
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