Volcán Maipo 5330 masl

  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Volcán Maipo
  • Mountaineering Volcán Maipo
  • Professional trekking guide
  • Communication and first aid kit
  • General equipment (tents, heaters)
  • Transportation
  • Full board
  • First aid trained staff
  • Insurance

Doesn’t include

  • Personal equipment
  • Reserve entrance fee
  • Any other service not mentioned

Day 1. We enter the Reserve

We start with a long pickup drive. On day 1 we do not walk any distance. We pick you up at your accommodation in Mendoza and head to the reserve. There we check in with the park rangers and drive through many kilometers of gravel road, and then set up camp in the surroundings of Diamante Lagoon.

Day 2. Towards the first base camp

We start picking up the pace. After breakfast, we break camp and start a hike of about 6 hours to reach our first base camp at 3,700 masl.

Altitude: 3.700 m/ 2.3 mi. Distance: 8 km/ 5 mi. Elevation gain: 1.350 m/ 1 mi. Night in: Camp 1.

Day 3. We continue ascending

The second trek that brings us closer to the summit. On day 3 we move to our second high altitude camp, trekking for 3 hours with a 300 m elevation gain.

Altitude: 4.000 m/ 2.5 mi. Distance: 2 km/ 1.2 mi. Elevation gain: 300 m/ 984ft. Night in: Camp 2.

 Day 4. Well deserved rest

A good acclimatization depends on a good rest. On day 4 we stay in the second camp to replenish our energy, nourish ourselves, hydrate and get our bodies used to the altitude. We prepare because the next day will be intense.

Altitude: Distance:Elevation gain:Night in: Camp 2.

Day 5. Towards the summit

On the way to our milestone. Day 5 will be our summit attempt. It will consist of approximately 12 hours of trekking. We experience the strain but the beauty of the scenery encourages us to continue. And then… We reach the summit! We share our happiness, take some pictures, and then we start the descent to camp 2.

Altitude: 5.260m / 3.2 mi Distance: 10 km/ 6.2 mi Elevation gain: 1.350 m/ 1 mi Night in: Camp 2.

Day 6. We start the descent

We begin to say goodbye to the mountains. On day 6 we wake up at dawn to break camp and start the return trip. It will be 10 km. downhill to the vehicles that will take us from the entrance of the park to Mendoza again. There our activity ends. See you next time!

Altitude: Distance: 10 km/ 6.2 mi Elevation gain: – 800 m /0.5 mi Night in: your accommodation.

What does the full board include?

Breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and walking snacks during the 7 days.

The menus will be defined according to the logistics of each day, but some meals that could be included are:

  • Risotto with bacon.
  • Noodles with meat sauce.
  • Pasta with mushrooms.
  • Sandwich with homemade bread, cold cuts, tomato and avocado.
  • Rice with sautéed vegetables.
  • Barbecue.
  • Appetizers.
  • Fajitas.
  • Fresh fruit, nuts, cereal bars, oatmeal cookies, etc.

Important: in case you are a vegetarian, or have any food preference/restriction, we will adapt the menu without any problem. Just let us know upon booking.

How many guides are coming?

There is 1 guide every 4 participants. This allows us to offer a personalized service, and to guarantee the necessary assistance for everyone.

What can I do if I lack equipment?

We can recommend equipment rental stores, and accompany you in the process of choosing the most appropriate for the activity.

How will we carry the loads?

We will “porter” the loads to the high altitude camps. This will help us to acclimatize: moving while carrying a load is key to acclimatize our body to the altitude..

What can I do if I don’t want to carry my load?

In this area there is no possibility of hiring the service of “porters”. There is the option of arranging for an assistant/guide to accompany you from Mendoza, but we will need you to let us know in advance.

How many people sleep in a tent?

We provide 3-person tents, in order to facilitate logistics and weight to be carried. But if you prefer a 2-person tent, you will have to request it as an additional service.

Is it necessary to have experience?

Yes, experience at high altitude is necessary, as well as a very good physical condition.

We invite you to an unforgettable journey in a unique area. Maipo Volcano is located inside a Natural Reserve of great beauty, not very frequented. 

During 6 intense days we will guide you to achieve a demanding goal: to reach the summit of this 5,260 m.a.s.l. volcano. 

There, the place will leave us speechless: we will find the Diamante Lagoon, where the water reflects the volcano, actually creating the image of a diamond.

What does this activity consist of?

We will cover 30 km and 2,650 meters of elevation gain in a magical environment.

It is a destination that few travelers choose, perhaps because it is a bit “hidden” when trying to see it from afar. But for those who make it, the reward is worth 100% of the effort. 

We will take care of all the logistics so that you don’t miss out on any part of a good traverse: acclimatization, physical challenge, rest, connection with nature and, of course, the summit.

Your task is to take on this physical and mental challenge, in order to take a step further in the world of mountaineering.

Who is this expedition recommended for?

We recommend the expedition to Volcán Maipo to people with good physical condition and experience in high altitude. You will have to be prepared to carry all your equipment on a journey of several days, with steep slopes and high altitude weather.

About the place

Maipo Volcano -located between Argentina and Chile- is a stratovolcano 5,323 meters above sea level. Conical in shape, and with a large extinct crater covered with snow and ice, it is extremely beautiful.

It is located within the Laguna de Diamante Reserve, in the Central Andes, 200 km. from the city of Mendoza, in the San Carlos district. On one side of the volcano, the most important river in the area is born: the Maipo River. And about 3,300 meters above sea level, we find the Diamante Lagoon, a large body of water after which the reserve is named.

Where does its name come from? Maipo is a word of Mapuche origin, derived from “maipun”, and means “to work the land; to plow”.

Historical mountaineering in Maipo Volcano: the first record of its summit dates back to 1883, with the German geologist Paul Güssfeldt and a Chilean herdsman as protagonists. 

Guillaumet and Saint-Exupery: the famous author of “The Little Prince”, in his book “Land of Men”, tells a story that takes place in Maipo. It is about the difficult experience of a French pilot (Guillaumet), who was forced to land in the surroundings of the volcano due to bad weather conditions. There he survived for several days until he was rescued, and finally literature immortalized his story.

Itinerary. What you will experience day by day:

The 6-day itinerary of the Maipo Volcano expedition is designed to accompany our acclimatization time. 

All meals are provided on a daily basis (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and walking snacks).

Important: entrance to the reserve is subject to park ranger permission. It is possible that we will not be allowed to enter. In that case, we will modify the itinerary to climb another hill of similar characteristics in the area.

Institutions that endorse us. horseback ride sunset Mendoza