Andes Hiking Tour Mendoza

  • Hiking Andes Mendoza
  • Trekking Cordon del Plata Vallecitos
  • Hiking Andes Mendoza
  • Andes Hiking Tour Mendoza
  • Trekking Cordón del Plata
  • Trekking Cordón del Plata
  • Andes Hiking Tour Mendoza, trekking in mendoza
  • Trekking Cordón del Plata
  • Trekking Cordón del Plata Hiking Andes Mendoza Cerro Adolfo Calle
  • Trekking Cordón del Plata
  • Hiking Andes Mendoza

If you would like to get to know the Andes like a mountaineer and experience a super complete day, this is the adventure for you.

The Andes Hiking Tour in Mendoza takes place in Vallecitos, a beautiful village located in the Andes Mountain Range, 90 km away from Mendoza City and only 30 km from Potrerillos.

Is it necessary to go camping, and go too far away from Greater Mendoza City to explore the immensity of the Andes? No. We can do it in just one day! This day trip proves it. We invite you to experience it.

What does the trip consist of?

You will live a day as a mountaineer.

We will start early to make the most of the day, and we will travel for 2 hours, enjoying the landscape that takes us to the foothills of Cordón del Plata.

Once there, around 10:45 a.m., we will start our high altitude hike, depending on the trail we have chosen.

The diversity of the place offers many possibilities! And since we work with small groups and provide a personalized service, we define the itinerary together with each group.

Some of the options we suggest for the tour are:

  • High altitude camps: this tour is ideal for those who want to take it easy or go with the family, as we will walk through ravines without steep slopes, to get to know those key places where climbers camp in their great expeditions. The panoramic views are not to be missed.
  • La cadenita: If you are looking for something more demanding, this is a great option. It is a trail through three chained hills, at a continuous pace that requires training and implies a greater challenge.

And as in all our trips, a good meal is a must. Whether as a reward for the effort, or motivation to continue, the moment in which we enjoy tasty meals completes the experience.

Once the hike is finished, which will last approximately 4 to 5 hours, we will return to Mendoza City with the tiredness and satisfaction of having hiked a day among the great mountains of the Andes.

¿Who do we recommend the Andes Hiking Tour Mendoza for?

The Andes Hiking Tour in Mendoza is recommended for those who are looking an approach to the Andes to experience high altitude hiking, without going too far away from Mendoza city, and without the need of camping.

It is ideal for all kinds of objectives: whether you are looking for a day hike with the family or a more intense plan of physical demand; this place offers a suitable tour for you.

About the place

Located about 80 km. from Mendoza City, we find the Cordón del Plata Provincial Park. With more than 175,000 protected hectares, and an enormous diversity of native flora and fauna, glaciers and water resources

and fauna, archaeological and paleontological sites; it forms a unique natural landscape.

It is a mountain range of the Andes Front Range, which stands out in the Central Andes, and is home to great peaks from 3,000 to almost 6,000 meters.

There we find iconic places such as Vallecitos, Cerro Lomas Blancas, or the source of important watercourses such as the Mulas, El Salto, Vallecitos and Rio Blanco streams.

The star of the show is its highest peak: Cerro El Plata, at 5,968 meters above sea level.

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