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  • Aconcagua Expedition
  • Aconcagua expedition

To reach the summit of Mount Aconcagua is to touch the roof of America: at 22,841 ft. / 6,962 masl, it is the highest peak in the continent. And also, one of the most important milestones for those who pursue the goal of climbing the Seven Summits (the seven highest mountains in the world).

The Mount Aconcagua Ascent with Destino Montaña is a personalized service: groups are small, because our priority is to provide each mountaineer with permanent attention and flexibility in our ascent plan.

Our 18-day expedition will put your physical and mental capacity to the test. To ascend Mount Aconcagua is to connect with the mountain at a level as high as its summit. It implies getting to know the mystique of the Andes Mountains in an experience to live mountaineering to the fullest. Are you ready? Here we tell you everything you need to know.

Normal ascent route to Aconcagua

The one known as “Normal Route” is one of the multiple routes to climb to the summit of Aconcagua. It is one of the most popular routes among mountaineers, because in addition to being the simplest, it does not present any technical difficulty. That is to say, it is not necessary to have experience in rock or ice climbing to do it.

However, although it does not present technical difficulty, it does pose considerable difficulty in terms of altitude. Sleeping in its high altitude camps at between 18,050 ft. / 5,500 and 19,700 ft. /6,000 masl represents an enormous challenge for anyone who intends to reach its summit.

Previous experience at altitude -above 19,700 ft. / 6,000 masl- is one of the key factors to achieve this objective.

When planning the expedition, there are different itineraries, and one of the main differences among them is the number of days and the acclimatization method. The program we propose focuses on base acclimatization: this ensures that later, when we begin the ascent to the high altitude camps, the body’s response will be optimal to continue advancing.

Our Aconcagua ascent itinerary was planned based on our experience, and with the objective in mind: to achieve the best acclimatization, in an efficient time, which includes some extra days to increase the chances of reaching the summit.

We guarantee the ascent to Mount Aconcagua:

  • Small groups, with a maximum of 6 people. In this way, we ensure that you have all the personalized attention you need for a complex ascent. In addition, we gain flexibility in making decisions that adapt to your pace.
  • Personalized assistance: a professional guide will be in charge of providing you with complete information about the previous training, the necessary equipment and where to get it, the weather conditions, the itinerary, and you will also have talks with the guides to start the expedition 100% prepared.
  • Constant communication: from the moment you make your reservation and throughout the entire process, to advise you on every detail. And during your journey, you will be able to share your progress from a remote website through the “In Reach” system.
  • We provide a safe, comfortable and humane experience. As this is a long and demanding expedition, we prioritize preserving exclusivity and generating a bond of trust with each mountaineer over selling more. This way you will have a flexible itinerary and the full attention of the guides.
  • All meals are provided every day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and hiking snacks). Nutritious and healthy food for a balanced diet: fruit with cereal bars for the hike, and dishes with vegetables, legumes, ham, meat and quality carbohydrates for the main meals.
  • 2 professional mountain guides, with great experience and qualified to operate in Aconcagua. There will be 1 guide every 3 people.
  • 2-day accommodation for acclimatization in a comfortable mountain hut in Villa Las Cuevas, for a better base acclimatization before entering the Park.

About the challenge

You will cover 85 km, facing adverse weather conditions, during days and nights in which your focus will be to reach the summit and ours, to accompany you to achieve it. These are some of the things to keep in mind:

Weather: Temperatures in high mountains are very variable, and it is a very exposed mountain. During the journey we can expect temperatures from 77° F. / 25° C. to -13° F. / -25° C. In addition to possible wind storms, snow, cold and intense sunshine.

Physical demand: The physical difficulty required for Aconcagua is considerable. You will need to be prepared for 14 hours of trekking and 3,280 ft / 1,000 m. of elevation gain. It will be very demanding for your body, because although there is no technical difficulty, the altitude represents the greatest challenge.

Altitude: Going over 16,400 ft. / 5,000 masl can be very demanding for your body. It is very important that you have previous experience in mountains over 18,050 ft. / 5,500 masl, because that will allow your body to adapt more easily. Summit day is strenuous and requires excellent acclimatization in order to reach the summit.

Mental challenge: the expedition will consist of 18 days of being active, pushing your own limits and being exposed to adverse weather conditions. We will also have rest days -which can generate impatience- but it is important to keep calm while the body acclimatizes. All of this will require strength and mental balance on your part, to enjoy the challenge and stay focused on the goal.

Location: despite being a technically easy mountain, the location presents some challenges from the weather to the services. Although all the logistics are guaranteed, the services in the high altitude camps are more limited than in other of the seven summits, so you will have to give up certain comforts.

How will we do it?

We will progressively ascend Mount Aconcagua from Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas base camps, passing by Canadá, Nido de Cóndores, and Cólera high altitude camps, until we reach the summit of the great Aconcagua.

Our itinerary begins with 2 days of accommodation in a comfortable mountain hut in Villa Las Cuevas -at 10,430 ft. / 3,180 masl- to acclimatize in a pleasant environment. Unlike other itineraries, instead of spending a day to acclimatize by ascending to Plaza Francia, we will do it in Las Cuevas, where we can spend an extra night in the comfort of a mountain hut.

Why do we do it this way? Because on the sixth day, we will ascend to the base camp, Plaza de Mulas, and we will need to face the strenuous day by having had a good rest. Climbing up to Plaza Francia the day before would be an unnecessary physical effort, and our priority is to optimize our energy to reach the summit.

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