Aconcagua expedition with Destino Montaña

  • Aconcagua expedition
  • Ascenso Cerro Aconcagua
  • Aconcagua expedition Plaza de Mulas
  • Aconcagua ascent
  • Ascenso Cerro Aconcagua
  • Aconcagua Laguna Horcones Trekking aconcagua hiking tour
  • Ascenso Cerro Aconcagua
  • December: 12th to 28th (2022)
  • January: 05th to 21st
  • February: 2nd to 18th
  • Professional trekking guide and professional mountain guide
  • Customized service (small groups, 6 people max)
  • Communication and first aid kit
  • General equipment for high camps (tents, heaters)
  • Transportation Mendoza – Horcones in / out
  • Transportation of general and personal equipment on mules (to Plaza de Mulas)
  • Staff trained in first aid
  • Full board
  • 1 night’s lodging in domes in Confluencia
  • 2 nights at a Lodge in “Villa las Cuevas”
  • Facilities at Plaza de Mulas base camp (domes, restrooms)
  • Transportation of general equipment to high camps.

Doesn’t include

  • Personal equipment
  • Insurance
  • Transportation of personal equipment to high camps.
  • Rescue expenses and/or costs in case of abandonment of the expedition.
  • Entrance fees/permits to Aconcagua Provincial Park.
  • Accommodations in Mendoza city
  • Any other service not mentioned


  • Transportation of personal equipment to high camps
  • Helicopter from “Plaza de Mulas” to “Horcones”

Day 1. Towards Villa Las Cuevas. The adventure begins.

First thing we will do in Mendoza is to check the equipment, so that we can leave with everything we need. We will arrive in the afternoon in the town of Villa Las Cuevas, where we will spend the night in a mountain hut. The key to start a good acclimatization is not to ascend too suddenly: that is why we start in a place that does not have a high altitude.

Altitude: 3,100 mts / 10,200 ft.  Night in: Villa las Cuevas.

Day 2. Let’s go step by step…

We begin to acclimatize: we will try to reach 4.000 mts / 13,120 ft. for getting a good aclimatization. We will sleep again in the hut.

Altitude: 3,100 mts / 10,200 ft. Night in: Villa las Cuevas.

Day 3. Day rest at “Las Cuevas Village”

Is important to rest with some comfort, so we take advantage of this rest day in a beautiful lodge at 3.100 masl / 10,200 ft.

Altitude: 3,100 mts / 10,200 ft. Night in: Villa las Cuevas.

Day 4. First camp: Confluencia, we are entering Aconcagua!

The moment has finally arrived: we will move to Aconcagua Provincial Park, where we will check-in. And before the first views of the great mountains we will hike between 4 and 5 hours: from the entrance -via Laguna de Horcones- to Confluencia -the first base camp-.

Altitude: 3,450 mts / 11,320 ft. Night in: Confluencia.

Day 5. We ascend to Plaza de Mulas. A little higher altitude.

We will be climbing and feeling the altitude in our Aconcagua expedition. This day we will trek for 8-9 hours from Confluencia to Plaza de Mulas. We will cross the famous Playa Ancha and Cuesta Brava, with a more demanding trek than the previous ones: let’s increase the pace.

Altitude: 4,300 mts / 14,100 ft. Night in: Plaza de Mulas.

Day 6. A well-deserved rest in Plaza de Mulas.

This day we will stay in Plaza de Mulas to regain energy, nourish, hydrate and continue to get our body used to the altitude. In order to achieve optimal performance, taking breaks is as important as pushing ourselves: the important thing is to be constant.

Altitude: 4,300 mts / 14,100 ft. Night in: Plaza de Mulas.

Day 7. Portage challenge to Canadá.

On day 7 we will trek carrying weight, to strengthen our body a little more: this will help us a lot to acclimatize. We will carry our equipment to Plaza Canadá, the first high altitude camp. Then we will return to Plaza de Mulas to spend the night there. It will be between 6 and 8 hours of trekking.

Altitude: 4,950 mts / 16,240 ft. Night in: Plaza de Mulas.

Day 8. From Plaza de Mulas to Canadá. First night in a high altitude camp.

We are ascending towards the objective! We will move from Base Camp (Plaza de Mulas) to Plaza Canadá, Camp 1: our first high altitude camp. It will be approximately 5 hours of trekking.

Altitude: 4,950 mts / 16,240 ft. Night in: Plaza Canadá.

Day 9. Trek to Nido de Cóndores (“Condor’s Nest”). Incredible views of the great landscape.

Another “portage” effort: this day we will ascend carrying some weight up to Nido de Cóndores (Camp 2). We will reach an altitude of 5,500 mts / 18,050 ft., and enjoy the incredible panoramic views, and then return to Plaza Canadá.

Altitude: 5,500 mts / 18,050 ft. Night in: Plaza Canadá.

Day 10. Move to Nido de Cóndores. Getting closer and closer.

Towards our second high altitude camp! We will set out on the same trek as on day 9, from Plaza Canadá to Nido de Cóndores, but this time to spend the night there. 

Altitude: 5,500 mts / 18,050 ft. Night in: Nido de Cóndores.

Day 11. Let’s rest to recover.

It will again be time to replenish energy. This day we will stay at Nido de Cóndores, and we will take it slow. We will rest in order to regain strength and begin to prepare for our summit attempt. We will already feel the excitement of getting closer to our goal!

Altitude: 5,500 mts / 18,050 ft. Night in: Nido de Cóndores.

Day 12. Towards our goal. Cólera.

We have come a long way! We have almost reached the boundary stone. We will move on to Camp 3: Cólera, on the north ridge of Aconcagua. It is our last high altitude camp, and is located at 6,000 mts / 19,685 ft. We will pitch our tents and prepare for the next day: our summit attempt.

Altitude: 6,000 mts / 19,685 ft. Night in: Cólera.

Day 13. Towards the summit. The ultimate goal of the expedition.

At last! With much excitement, weather permitting, we will ascend to the summit. After taking pictures (and shedding a few tears of joy), with the incredible feeling of having reached the goal, we will finish the day resting in our camp in Cólera.

Altitude: 6,962 mts / 22,841 ft. Night in: Cólera.

Days 14 and 15. Backup days.

Days 15 and 16 will be extra days to attempt to reach the summit. In case of bad weather in the previous days, we will have these 2 days as a “back-up” to increase our chances of reaching the summit. We want everyone to be able to achieve the goal of the Aconcagua expedition!

Day 16. We made it! Time to start the descent.

After the intense summit day, with the feeling of accomplishment, we will have breakfast and hike to Plaza de Mulas to celebrate with a great meal and a good rest. We’ve earned it.

Altitude: 6,000 mts / 19,685 ft. Night in: Plaza de Mulas.

Day 17. From Plaza de Mulas to Mendoza City. The end of our expedition.

We have arrived at the end of our expedition. We will descend from Plaza de Mulas after breakfast, and after a 7-9 hour hike we will arrive at Horcones Lagoon, the entrance to the Park. Then we will head back to Mendoza City, taking with us a good amount of tiredness and unforgettable memories.

We will say goodbye after having shared this incredible experience. Until our next adventure!

Altitude: 4,300 mts / 14,100 ft. Night in: your accommodation.

What does full board include?

Breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and packed snacks on the 17 days.

The menus will be defined according to the logistics of the activity planned, but some of the dishes that could be included are:

  • Bacon risotto.

  • Meat sauce pasta.

  • Mushroom pasta.

  • Sandwich with homemade bread, cold cuts, tomato and avocado.

  • Rice with sautéed vegetables.

  • Barbecue.

  • Charcuterie plates.

  • Fajitas.

  • Fresh fruit, nuts, cereal bars, oatmeal cookies, etc.

Important: in case you are vegetarian, or have any food preference/restriction, we will adapt the menu without any problem. Just let us know upon booking.

What do I do if I don’t have all the equipment I need?

We can recommend equipment rental houses, and accompany you in the process of choosing the most appropriate gear for the activity.

How will we carry the loads to the base camp?

Up to Plaza de Mulas, the Base Camp, loads will be transported by mules. Then we will carry them to the high altitude camps. This will help us to acclimatize.

What do I do if I don’t want to carry loads to the high altitude camps?

In that case you can hire additional “porterage” service. But we will need you to let us know in advance.

How many people sleep in a tent?

We offer 3-person tents size with 2 people, in order to facilitate the logistics and the weight to carry. But if you prefer a one-person tent, you will have to request it as an additional service.

Are base camp services included?

At the Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas base camps, we will have the opportunity to use the services offered there, such as dining in domes and using the restrooms.

Do I need to have experience?

Yes, it is necessary to have experience in high altitude and also to be in very good physical condition.

In this 17-day expedition, we offer you the opportunity to climb to the summit of the highest mountain in America, in the company of certified mountain guides.

We can accompany you in one of the most exciting adventures: the Aconcagua expedition.

The Aconcagua expedition is a physical, mental and emotional challenge with a priceless reward: advancing step by step among the breathtaking immensity of the mountains.

Mountaineers from all over the world come every year to Mount Aconcagua to get to know its beauty and try to reach the summit. And it could be your next destination!

How will we do it?

With a 17-day program designed to optimize acclimatization and maximize the chances of reaching the summit.

We will gradually do the Aconcagua expedition from the Base Camps: Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas; and we will pass through the high altitude camps: Canadá, Nido de Cóndores, Cólera; until we reach the summit of our great Aconcagua.

We will take care of all the logistics, so that you only have to deal with the challenge of the climb and enjoy the experience.

What differentiates this experience from others on the market?

As mountaineers, we know that the chances of success always depend on the ability to adapt our own conditions -physical and mental- to those that the mountain imposes on us.

For that reason, we offer a personalized service with reduced (or private) groups, which allows us to manage that adaptation with a greater margin of action to reach the objective, besides offering a safe, comfortable and human experience.

As this is an extensive and demanding expedition, we prioritize, rather than booking more people, guaranteeing a quality experience and generating a bond of trust.

Who is the Aconcagua expedition recommended for?

We recommend the Aconcagua expedition for people with experience in altitude and mountaineering, who wish to set themselves a challenging and unforgettable goal. As this is a highly demanding activity, it is necessary to be in excellent physical condition.

Itinerary. What you will experience day by day:

The organization of the activities in the 17 days of the expedition is designed to accompany our acclimatization times. This way we make the Aconcagua expedition an enjoyable experience, and we have the best chances of reaching the summit.

All meals are provided on all days (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and packed snacks).