Ascent Mount Plata 19,580 ft.

  • Ascenso Cerro Plata Mendoza Ascent Mount Plata
  • Llegando al Cerro Plata Ascent Mount Plata
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  • Descanso de cumbre Ascent Mount Plata
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  • Ascenso al cerro Plata
  • Ascenso al cerro Plata

Experience an expedition that is as demanding as it is rewarding. If you are passionate about mountains and are motivated by physical challenges, we can guide you in your next adventure: the Ascent Mount Plata.

The difficulty of this expedition goes beyond the altitude. In addition to its almost 20,000 ft / 6,000 meters, the distance between the base camp and its summit makes it a goal that requires a lot of training. Are you up for it? We accompany you to take one step further in the world of mountaineering.

How will we do it?

It will be an 7-day expedition, in which we will ascend progressively for a good acclimatization. We will advance up this mountain located in the Front Range, passing by Las Veguitas, Piedra Grande, Salto de Agua, El Salto, La Hoyada, and finally we will reach the summit, our milestone.

We will take care of all logistics: We will have delicious and healthy meals to fuel up, as well as moments of rest and contact with nature. We will share stories and tips on mountaineering, so that you can take more from this experience than just the success of reaching the summit.

Who is this experience recommended Ascent Mount Plata?

We recommend the Ascent to Mount Plata for people with excellent physical condition and experience in high altitude.

We can consider this expedition as a previous step to the Ascent to Mount Aconcagua, because we will experience a demanding journey that combines great slopes, snowy surfaces, climatic changes and rocky terrain.

About Mount Plata

It is no less than the highest mountain in the Plata Mountain Range, a mountain range that lies between the Main Range and the old pre-mountain range. 

It is one of the giants of the area, which can be seen from Mendoza city and stands out among the other mountains.

Mount Plata, at almost 20,000 ft / 6,000 masl, is ideal for those who wish to train in high altitude mountaineering: it offers high altitude, steepness, ice and important vertical walls.

For many, it serves as acclimatization training prior to Aconcagua. It allows us to test our physical condition and thus prepare ourselves for this ambitious project.

One more fact? The first ascent to this mountain dates back to January 21, 1925. It was accomplished by the Austrian Hans Stepanek. The second was also made by Stepanek, but this time together with Francisco Peters on January 25 of the same year.

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