2 day mountaineering in Mendoza

  • Montañismo en los Andes
  • Montañismo en mendoza. Trekking en Mendoza 2 day mountaineering Mendoza. Grupo de Senderismo en Mendoza
  • Montañismo en mendoza Grupo de Senderismo en Mendoza
  • 2 day mountaineering Mendoza
  • 2 day mountaineering Mendoza
  • Grupo de Senderismo en Mendoza
  • 2 day mountaineering Mendoza
  • 2 day mountaineering Mendoza
  • Professional trekking guide
  • Communication and first aid kit
  • General equipment (tents, heaters)
  • Transportation
  • First aid trained staff
  • Full board.
  • Insurance

Doesn’t include

  • Personal equipment
  • Lodging in shelters
  • Any other service not mentioned

Day 1 – Customized

We meet in Mendoza City to check that we have all the necessary equipment for the trip, and we start our adventure at 8.30 am 

Day 2 – Customized

On day 2 we will arrive at Mendoza at 6.30 pm

What does full board include?

Breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and walking snacks on days 1 and 2, plus breakfast and walking snacks on day 3.

The menus will be defined according to the logistics of each day, but some meals that could be included are:

  • Risotto with bacon.
  • Noodles with meat sauce.
  • Pasta with mushrooms.
  • Sandwich with homemade bread, cold cuts, tomato and avocado.
  • Rice with sautéed vegetables.
  • Barbecue.
  • Appetizers.
  • Fajitas.
  • Fresh fruit, nuts, cereal bars, oatmeal cookies, etc.

Important: in case you are a vegetarian, or have any food preference/restriction, we will adapt the menu without any problem. Just let us know upon booking.

What would you like to experience in the Andes? What you have in mind… ¡we make it possible! We know that the mountain represents a different experience for each person. That’s why we put together this personalized proposal in which we organize a 2-day plan that fits your preferences.

What does the experience consist of?

You will live a 2 day mountaineering in Mendoza with a program designed especially for you. We will advise you on how to create an ideal plan according to your level of experience and preferred destination.

The diversity of possibilities is as vast as the Andes: there is an option for each objective, but all of them include experiencing the immensity of the mountain and its landscapes. 

Whether you want to have one of your first mountain experiences or to train at altitude for a demanding ascent, we can put together a program that meets your expectations. Of course, there are also intermediate options! In those we combine demanding challenges and relaxation.

You can choose to sleep in a tent, shelter or hostel, do trekking of low, medium or high difficulty, go horseback riding through ravines or eat a traditional asado in Las Vegas. Plus, you can combine these options as you wish…it is sure to be an unforgettable trip.

We customize your itinerary according to:

  • Difficulty: Your experience, training level, and objectives are a key variable to take into account. Would you like to test yourself or take it easy? We can do anything from a 4,000 m.a.s.l. ascent to a low-demanding trekking circuit through ravines and valleys.
  • Comfort: The most important thing is that it is a pleasant experience for you. That is why you will be able to choose whether to sleep in a tent or in a mountain shelter/hostel. Either way, you will be in contact with nature.
  • Destination: Do you want to visit a specific mountain or area because it was recommended to you or you have been waiting for it for a long time? Let’s go! We can also choose more than one destination, and combine them when putting together the itinerary.
  • Number of days: although we suggest 2 days, it can also be more if you prefer. When we say it is a totally personalized trip, we mean it. 

Who is this activity recommended for?

We recommend the 2 day mountaineering tour in Mendoza to those who want a service tailored to their needs, so as to go in comfort. As it is a 100% personalized activity, it does not exclude anyone. 

Some suggested itineraries according to level:

Low exigency:

  • Cordón del Plata. Trekking in the Front Range, with an overnight stay in a shelter or in a tent.
  • Paso Portillo de Piuquenes. The area of the famous pass where San Martin crossed! Overnight in Scaravelli shelter and hiking at altitude, or to the Cajón de los Arenales.
  • Aconcagua Park. A trekking to know the great colossus of America, and its Horcones Lagoon. With a night in a mountain shelter, and another hike to Matienzo ravine.

Medium exigency:

  • La Cadenita. We hike three chained mountains, spend the night in a shelter, and then trek to the high altitude camps in the area.
  • High altitude camps in Vallecitos, We visit the area where many mountaineers camp on long expeditions, and combine this with an ascent up to El Salto.

High exigency:

  • 4000 m mountains:
    • Adolfo Calle + Stepanek. Climb 2 four-thousanders on the same day!
    • Penitentes. The Aconcagua viewpoint.
    • Pedro Zanni, in the incredible Matienzo ravine, almost at the border with Chile..
  • Acclimatization plans prior to high-altitude climbs

As professional guides, we know that high altitude training is a process that must be done progressively. We accompany and advise you in order for you to reach your goals.

Contact us to plan your next adventure!

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