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If you would like to live a customized experience in the Andes, this is the ideal trip for you. We know that each person has a different way of experiencing the mountain. That’s why we created this expedition in Cordón del Plata: we organize a 2-day plan that fits your preferences.

What does the experience consist of?

The 2-day customized mountaineering trip in Mendoza will allow you to get to know the Andes with different itinerary options. We will advise you to choose the ideal program according to your level of experience and preferred route. The diversity of possibilities is great, since Cordón del Plata is a very versatile area. What is certain is that you will get to experience the immensity of the mountain and its landscapes.

Whether you want to live one of your first mountain experiences, or challenge yourself at high altitude with a demanding ascent, there is an option for you. Of course, we also offer combined plans, which include both physical effort and relaxation.

We customize your itinerary according to:

  • Difficulty: Your experience, level of training, and objectives are key variables to take into account. Would you like to challenge yourself, or take it easy? Have you done other ascents, or is this your first time in the mountains? We can go from ascending a 4,000 masl mountain to a low-difficulty trekking trip through ravines and valleys.
  • Comforts: Our priority is that it is a pleasant experience for you. That is why you can choose to sleep in a tent or in a mountain hut. One thing is for certain: contact with nature will not be lacking.
  • Route: ¿Do you want to visit a specific mountain? We can go there. It is also possible to choose more than one route, and combine them when planning the itinerary.
  • Number of days: although we suggest a two-day trip, it can be longer if you prefer. As we already mentioned, the trip is totally personalized.

Who is this trip recommended for?

We recommend the 2-day mountaineering trip in Mendoza to those who want a trip that is tailored to their needs, so they can enjoy the comfort of a private group. It does not matter if it is your first mountain adventure, or if you already have experience. Being an activity with a tailor-made itinerary, it does not exclude anyone.

For this activity we offer:

  • Overnight accommodation in a mountain hut where you will have amenities such as hot shower, wi-fi, and space for a quality rest. Although if you prefer to rough it, we can camp for the night.
  • Tasty and nutritious meals, with homemade ingredients.
  • Professional guides that will take you safely through the Cordón del Plata mountains, with its panoramic views, typical flora and fauna.
  • Freedom to customize the itinerary and the included services.
  • Assistance in choosing the route that best suits your objectives and level of experience.

Some of the routes we suggest according to the difficulty level:

Low physical demand

If this is one of your first experiences in the mountains and/or you are not in good physical condition, we recommend this itinerary to enjoy the beauty of the Andes with the least physical demand. You should bear in mind that, although they are low-difficulty trails, trekking in this area -because of the altitude- always implies a considerable effort.

  • Day 1: Andresito and Arenales Mounts

Max. altitude: 11.000 ft. / 3.450 masl | Distance: 5 mi. / 5 km. | Elevation gain: 1476 ft. / 450 m. | Hike: 3 to 4 h.

We will start with an ascent to Mt Andresito and Mt Arenales. The hike will take between 3 and 4 hours (the duration will depend on our chosen pace). The panoramic views of Cordón del Plata and the Potrerillos Dam with mountains in the background will be the best reward.

  • Day 2: High altitude camps

Max. altitude: 11.800 ft. / 3.600 masl| Distance: 3.7 mi. / 6 km. | Elevation gain: 2.132 ft. / 650 m. | Hike: 4 to 5 h.

We wake up in the mountains and start hiking to the high altitude camps of the Park (Veguitas, Veguitas superior and Piedra Grande). These are the camps that many mountaineers use as a base for ascents to other mountains over 4,000 meters above sea level. From this point, depending on how energetic you feel, we can go as far as Veguitas superior, or go as far as Piedra.

Intermediate physical demand:

In case you are in very good physical condition and wish to challenge yourself with a more physically demanding tour, we offer two options, which are detailed below (ordered from least to most difficult).

Option 1:

  • Day 1: La Cadenita

Max. altitude: 11.975 ft. / 3.650 masl| Distance: 4 mi. / 6.5 km. | Elevation gain: 2.132 ft. / 650 m. | Hike: 5 to 6 h.

After picking you up at your lodging we’ll head for Cordón del Plata, where we’ll start the challenge. It consists of a trek through a series of “chained” mountains. The proximity between them will allow us to reach three summits in the same day: Andresito, Arenales and Lomas Blancas.

One of the greatest difficulties of this route is the final part, which has steep slopes and a lot of loose rocks. That is why it is necessary to be in very good physical condition to do it.

  • Day 2: High altitude camps

Max. altitude: 14.107 ft. / 4.300 masl| Distance: 8.7 mi. / 14 km. | Elevation gain: 4.429 ft. / 1.350 m. | Hike: 8 to 9 h.

On the second day we will hike to Salto de Agua, one of the most used high altitude camps as a base to climb high mountain peaks such as El Plata and Vallecitos. With a trek of approximately 8 hours and 14 km, we will reach 4,300 meters above sea level. This day will be physically demanding, although the trail is well marked and -except for some steep sections-, it is easy to handle.

Option 2:

  • Day 1: High altitude camps (Piedra Grande)

Max. altitude: 11.800 ft. / 3600 masl| Distance: 4 mi. / 7 km. | Elevation gain: 2.132 ft. / 650 masl| Hike: 4 to 5 h.

We will start by trekking through the high altitude camps used by many mountaineers to access demanding summits over 4,000 masl. We will pass through Veguitas and Veguitas superior to reach Piedra Grande, at 3,600 meters above sea level. This first day will be of medium difficulty, since day 2 will demand a great effort.

  • Day 2: “Cadenita larga”

Max. altitude: 12.361 ft. / 3850 masl| Distance: 5.9 mi. / 9.5 km. | Elevation gain: 3.116 ft. / 950 m. | Hike: 8 to 9 h.

This day we propose a much more demanding challenge than the previous ones. We will reach the summit of three chained hills, starting with Lomas Blancas, and then moving on to Estudiantes, Cáucaso, and finally reaching Mount Iluso, at 3850 meters above sea level. The return will be through Morenas Coloradas.

The activity will last approximately 8 hours, with steep paths, slopes and descents, as well as areas where we will need to climb with the help of our hands. Therefore, for this tour it is important that you have excellent physical condition and mountain experience. It is a medium/high difficulty trail.

High physical demand:

Mount Adolfo Calle Ascent

We propose an ascent to a 4,000 masl mountain in only two days. This is a highly demanding challenge, so you need experience and excellent physical condition.

  • Day 1

Max. altitude: 11.318 ft. / 3450 masl. Distance: 2.17 mi. / 3.5 km. Elevation gain: 1.476 ft. / 450 m. Hike: 3 h.

The first day we will go on a short distance trek, for no more than 3 hours to Veguitas Superior, our campsite. The main difficulty will be that we will be carrying all the equipment: your backpack can weigh up to 15 kg (33lb). This challenge will help us in the acclimatization process.

  • Day 2

Max. altitude: 13.943 ft. / 4250 masl. Distance: 6.21 mi. / 10 km. Elevation gain: 31.1 ft. / 9.50 m. Hike: 15 h.

We will prepare for a long and demanding day: we will wake up early in the morning and start an 8-hour trek to the summit of Adolfo Calle. The scenery and panoramic views will be the best reward. After reaching the summit, we will return to break camp and finally descend to the area where the vehicle that will take us back to Mendoza will be waiting for us. It will be a total of about 15 hours of hiking. Approximate time of arrival in Mendoza city 9:00 pm.

Acclimatization plans prior to high-altitude ascents:

As professional guides, we know that training at altitude is a process that must be done progressively. We accompany and advise you to achieve your goals.

Contact us to plan your next adventure!

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