Plaza Francia Hike

  • Plaza Francia Hike Plaza Francia Aconcagua
  • Plaza Francia Aconcagua Plaza Francia Hike
  • Plaza Francia Aconcagua Plaza Francia Hike
  • Plaza Francia Aconcagua Plaza Francia Hike
  • Plaza Francia Hike Mountain Profesionals
  • Plaza Francia Hike Plaza Francia Aconcagua
  • Plaza Francia Hike Plaza Francia Hike
  • Plaza Francia Hike
  • Aconcagua expedition Mountain Profesionals Mountain Profesionals
  • Plaza Francia Hike
  • Mountain Profesionals
  • Professional trekking guide
  • Communication and first aid kit
  • General equipment (tents, heaters)
  • Transportation in/out Mendoza city.
  • Breakfast and dinner in domes
  • Staff trained in first aid
  • Dinner at domes
  • Full board
  • Insurance

Doesn’t include

  • Personal equipment
  • Aconcagua Provincial Park entrance fee/permissions
  • Any other service not mentioned


  • Transportation of equipment on mules

Day 1. We start the journey.

We set off early (8:30 am) towards Aconcagua Provincial Park. Upon arrival we check-in and get ready to hike with our backpacks loaded. We enter Aconcagua through a 7.5 km. trek to Confluencia, the first base camp, at 3,450 masl.

Altitude: 3.450 masl. Night in: Confluencia.

Day 2. Our objective.

We start the day with a nutritious breakfast which prepares us for our trek toward our objective. We ascend 4 / 5 hours up to the viewpoint at Plaza Francia: we will be acclimatizing as we advance and gradually discovering incredible views of the landscape. When we reach 4,150 masl, the privileged panoramic view of the great south wall of Aconcagua will be unforgettable. We made it! After celebrations and pictures, we will descend again to Confluencia to spend the night.

Altitude: 4.150 masl. Night in: Confluencia.

Day 3. We say goodbye to Aconcagua.
After breakfast, we break camp to start the descent to the “Quebrada de Horcones”, the entrance to the park. There, the shuttle will take us back to Mendoza city. With the great satisfaction of the adventure we have lived, we say goodbye…but only until our next adventure!

What does full board include?

Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner, and packed snacks on day 2. Day 1 includes the same, but no breakfast, and day 3, breakfast and packed snacks.

Menus will be defined according to the logistics of each day, but some meals that could be included are:

  • Bacon Risotto.
  • Meat sauce pasta.
  • Pasta with mushrooms.
  • Sandwich with homemade bread, cold cuts, tomato and avocado.
  • Rice with sautéed vegetables.
  • Barbecue.
  • Charcuterie plates.
  • Fajitas.
  • Fresh fruit, nuts, cereal bars, oatmeal cookies, etc.

Important: in case you are vegetarian, or have any food preference/restriction, we will adapt the menu without any problem. Just let us know upon booking.

What do I do if I lack equipment?

We can recommend equipment rental stores, and advise you in the process of choosing the right equipment for the activity.

How will we carry the loads?

If there are 5 participants, we will hire a mule to carry the loads for the ascent. If there are 6 or more participants, we will also hire a mule for the descent.

What do I do if I don’t wish to carry my load?

In case there are less than 5 participants, but they do not wish to carry the load, we can hire a mule service for an additional fee.

How many people sleep in a tent?

We offer three-person tents, in order to facilitate logistics and the weight to be carried. But if you prefer a two-person tent, you can request it as an additional service.

What physical condition do I need to be in?

For this activity it is important that you do weekly physical training. Although the trekking is not demanding, we will reach 4,150 meters above sea level. It is not necessary for you to have previous experience in high altitude, though. This can be your first time!

Do you want to visit the south wall of Mount Aconcagua in just a 3-day trip? Plaza Francia hike is a great option to live an adventure around the highest mountain in America.

In Plaza Francia hike we will reach 4,150 meters above sea level, at the viewpoint of the great south wall of Aconcagua: an imposing vertical wall with 3,000 meters of vertical drop. 

What does the activity consist of?

It is about experiencing up close all the magic of Aconcagua: 3 days in the Provincial Park that attracts mountaineers from all over the world because, in addition to its magnificent landscape, it is also one of the 7 highest peaks in the world.

We will visit some of the most iconic places in the Park. The Horcones Lagoon, the great water mirror that welcomes us at the entrance; and Confluencia, the first base camp, where the ascents to the summit begin. We will also see all the dynamics that make the ascent to this great mountain possible, with the mules and the constant movement of adventurers.

Anything else? Yes, the most impressive part remains! The highlight of the expedition is when we reach Plaza Francia Hike, the viewpoint of the south wall of Mount Aconcagua, with 3,000 meters of vertical drop, views of glaciers and pure beauty.

Who is this tour recommended for Plaza Francia Hike?

Plaza Francia hike is ideal as a first approach to Aconcagua: for those who are looking to get to know this mountain in a short tour without major technical difficulty.

It is not necessary to have previous experience in high altitudes, but it is necessary to be in good physical condition, as some of the days will be demanding.

About Aconcagua

Aconcagua is an immense natural landscape that was declared a Provincial Park in 1983. It is a protected area with 71,000 hectares, and abundant flora, fauna, and huge glaciers. These water sources cover about 32 km2.

The diversity of its ecosystem (animal and plant) is surprising for its variety and represents great wealth for the whole area. The panoramic views from the high altitude are unforgettable.

The star of the Park? The great Mount Aconcagua, known as the Colossus of America. With its 6,962 masl, it is part of the world’s ” 7 summits” circuit: the highest summits of each continent.

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