We are Vani and Joaco, and we created Destino Montaña.

Destino Montaña is our dream come true of working and living in contact with nature and sharing with people who enjoy these unique experiences.

Our passion for mountaineering brought us together while training at the High Mountain and Trekking Guides Provincial School of Mendoza.

About us, we are professional guides and we put our special touch of comfort and care in each tour.

We like sharing tours with people from all over the world, sharing our “mate” with them, showing them the beautiful mountains of Mendoza and Argentina and eating delicious barbecues.

Just contact us and we will get going!

Joaquín Salinas
Joaquín SalinasProfessional Mountain Guide
I was born in Córdoba, Argentina, where I was able to venture into mountaineering more than ten years ago. I took my first steps in the Sierras de Córdoba, and from there, I set out to explore higher mountains.
Five years ago, I realized my dreams when I came to Mendoza to become a professional mountain guide and earn a living doing what I love.
For the last 3 years, I have been working in a foundation, as an instructor in first aid and rescue in wild areas, training government agencies, guides, etc.
Vanina Bertolini
Vanina BertoliniProfessional Mountain Guide
Hello! Mountaineering? I discovered this activity 10 years ago in Mendoza, the city where I was born and now live in.
My passion for the mountains awakened when I visited Comición Mount, at 2100 masl, in the Mendoza foothills. From then on, I decided to start training to discover what it means to live and walk in the open air, and nothing less than in the mountains.
I am a technician in mountain activities, with an orientation in trekking. This specific training allows me to live unique experiences with people who also enjoy nature and to embark on new adventures every day with curious tourists eager to discover incredible landscapes and fauna.
At present, I am fortunate enough to share this passion with my partner and our little girl Olivia.
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