Aconcagua Ascent / 6962 masl

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Join us on this incredible adventure and try the Aconcagua ascent.

The Aconcagua ascent is both physically and mentally demanding, but at the same time, you will be visiting places of unique beauty with professionals mountain guides.

This mountain is known as “the colossus of America”, because with its 6962 masl, it is the second-highest in the world and the highest in the West, is not easy to do the Aconcagua Ascent.

It is located 185 km from the city of Mendoza, in the Andean Mountain Range, very close to the Chilean border.

Since 1983, the area has been considered cultural heritage and is now protected as Aconcagua Provincial Park. It is an area with great diversity of fauna and flora, fresh water from glaciers and several campsites.

The hike to the top and back covers about 90 kilometers over 16 days.

We will enter through the Quebrada Horcones and then, we will go through high camps like Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas, Canada, Nido de Cóndores, Cólera until fulfilling the challenge of reaching the summit of the Colossus of America.

You will only have to take care of your physical condition and enjoy the places you visit. We take care of the logistics of the expedition and provide full board services so your body and mind are only focused on enjoying this experience.

We offer you a personalized 16-day itinerary, with small private groups, so that your possibilities of reaching the summit are greater, with a specific acclimatization program, based on your experience and preferences.

Season 2021 / 2022 open groups

December 24 to January 08 (15% off)

January 07 to 22

January 23 to February 07

Day 1: Arrival at noon at the Penitentes sky area. Where we will set up in a refuge and spend the night.

Day 2: Breakfast and walk to “Confluencia” base camp, at 3450 masl.

Day 3: Breakfast and hike to “Plaza Francia” Aconcagua south wall. Night at Confluencia.

Day 4: Hike to “Plaza de Mulas”

Day 5: Rest Day

Day 6: Walk for acclimatization.

Day 7: Rest Day

Day 8: Hike from “Plaza de Mulas” base camp to “Canada” high camp.

Day 9: Hike from “Canada” to “Nido de Condores” high camps.

Day 10: Rest Day

Day 11: Hike from “Nido de Condores” to “Colera” high camps.

Day 12: Summit Day.

Day 13: Back up Summit Day.

Day 14: After breakfast, we will hike to “Plaza de Mulas” for a good meal and rest.

Day 15: From “Plaza de mulas” to Mendoza city in a long day.

Day 16: Back up Day

  • Professionals Mountain guides
  • General gear (Tents, heaters, etc)
  • All foods from lunch of day 1 to lunch of day 16
  • Mules from “Horcones” to “Plaza de Mulas” both ways
  • Services at “Confluencia” and “Plaza de Mulas” base camps
  • First aids personal trained
  • Transportation from Mendoza to Penitentes
  • Transportation from Horcones to Mendoza


  • Tips
  • Porters
  • More services at base camps

Not included

  • Personal gear
  • Insurance
  • Non mentioned services
  • Aconcagua park entrance fee

What to Expect from the Full Board?

This includes: breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner for the 3 days walk, except for the first day which starts with the on-the-go lunch. The meals are prepared according to the logistics and activity. Initially, some meals can be:

  • Risotto with bacon
  • Noodles with meat sauce
  • Sandwich with homemade bread, cold cuts, tomato and avocado.
  • Rice with sautéed vegetables
  • Fajitas
  • Fresh fruit, nuts, cereal bars, oatmeal cookies, etc.

What do I do if I lack equipment?

We can recommend you an equipment rental, and we will accompany you in the process of choosing the right one for the activity.

How will we carry the loads?

Until Plaza de Mulas, the load will be transported by mules, then it is planned to progressively carry loads to the altitude camps and thus take advantage of the process to acclimatize.

What can I do if I do not want to carry my load?

In this case the participants will be able to hire a porter, having to inform us in advance.

How many people will sleep in each tent?

The tents are triple, to facilitate the logistics and the weight to be carried. In case you want a double tent, you must ask for it apart from the service.