Crossing the Andes via the Piuquenes Pass

  • crossing the andes
  • crossing the andes
  • Cruce de los Andes
  • Cruce de los Andes
  • Cruce de los Andes
  • Crossing the Andes
  • crossing the andes
  • crossing the andes
  • crossing the andes
  • crossing the andes

Have you ever imagined yourself walking in the footsteps of San Martin and his armies? In this wonderful experience, we will do the Crossing of the Andes on foot or on horseback. We will do it through a historic landmark: the Piuquenes Pass. It will be a demanding 7-day traverse, full of breathtaking mountain scenery and unforgettable moments.

Undoubtedly, the Crossing the Andes is one of those challenges that are hard to put into words, you have to experience it!

The experience of doing this every year -with many people- has given us the knowledge to provide a safe trip, and our human quality gives us the conviction that for each participant this will be a unique experience in their life. That is why we work with a lot of dedication to make you feel comfortable at all times and in an excellent group environment.

Professional guides guarantee that you will enjoy a safe tour, and you will also share the expedition with a group that will be walking. The itinerary will have some demanding days, while others will be for rest and recovery.

A must on all our expeditions: delicious meals to reward the effort of each day.

Who is this experience recommended for?

For those who enjoy outdoor adventures and want to get to know the Andes in depth.

You are not required to have great experience in horseback riding, but you do need to have physical agility and the ability to get on and off the horse. You will also need the strength to endure long days of riding, and the ease to traverse steep descents and uneven terrain without fear.

Why choose us?

  • We are a certified service provider for the “Portillo de Piuquenes” reserve. (EX-2023-00869829-GDEMZA-).
  • We offer fresh, quality meals every day, with tasty dishes adapted to all types of diets (meat, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).
  • We work with a chain of reliable vendors (from muleteers to transportation) to guarantee a good experience from start to finish.
  • You will be constantly advised by us: we will guide you in advance about the necessary equipment, itinerary, etc. Upon booking we will have an informative video call with you. And during the trip we will share valuable information about mountaineering, flora and fauna and history.
  • We are professional guides, trained in First Aid in wild areas, with experience in mountaineering and emergencies.
  • As a family company, we prioritize personal customer care and a good group environment.. There will be no lack of motivation, energy and dedication, because we are passionate about what we do.
  • Group sizes are limited, to a maximum of 20 people. You will have 1 guide every 5 participants, in order to provide the necessary attention to each mountaineer.

About the Andes Crossing of 1817

In this tour with Destino Montaña, we are going to recreate the famous Crossing of the Andes, considered one of the greatest milestones in the world’s military history. was part of the plan devised by General José de San Martín to carry out the Liberation Expedition of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

San Martin, based in Mendoza since 1814, planned a three-stage campaign (continental, regional and local). The objective: to cross the Andes, liberate Chile and from there advance by sea towards Lima.

“What keeps me awake at night is not the opposition of my enemies, but rather the fact of crossing these immense mountains”.

Letter from San Martín to his friend Tomás Guido, June 14, 1816.

In January 1817 the Army of the Andes set out on this mission, divided into six columns. Each one would enter through a different pass: Comecaballos, Guana, Los Patos, Uspallata, El Portillo and Planchón. All of them had to reach a meeting point, from where they would organize to take Santiago de Chile.

The main column, led by San Martín, was the Paso de Los Patos column. The pass we will use, the Portillo pass, was used at that time by a small column of men led by Gen. José Leon Lemos. Its objective was to deceive the enemy, making them believe that they were the vanguard of the army (and that more troops would come from behind).

The timing of the plan was perfect, and with the final victory at the Battle of Maipú, the royalist army was definitively defeated, ensuring the independence of Chile.

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