Mountaineering in the Andes

  • Montañismo en los Andes
  • Montañismo en los Andes
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  • Montañismo en los Andes
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Just by setting foot in the city of Mendoza (Argentina) you find yourself at 1271 masl. It’s not a minor thing, is it?

Well, that’s nothing if you consider that were we have 228 peaks topping out the 5000 meters and 7 topping out the 6000 meters, including the Aconcagua (6962 masl) among the stars of mountaineering. Another of the 6000-meter peaks is the Tupungato volcano (6570 masl).

Of minor height but still greatly challenging, we find Maipo volcano (5264 masl), Penitentes Mount at 4350 masl, Franke Mount, in Vallecitos, at 4850 masl, among others.

As you can see, there are mountains for all tastes, including the Cordón del Plata. And with Destino Montaña they are all within your reach.

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